Boost Your Fat Burn By Doing…

gym-350I read a very simple strategy to burn more fat:  If you lift weights and do cardio in the same session, start with the weights.  In a study from the University of Tokyo, participants who did a total body strength workout 20 minutes before cycling burned 10 percent more fat than those who just cycled without weight training.  Lifting taps those hormones which help burn fat.  The reverse – doing cardio and then weights – is not as effective in burning fat.

In the past, I have done cardio first (riding a bike, walking on a treadmill, etc) and then moved on to weight machines.  From now on, I will try the opposite!  Lift first, get that heart pumping and sweat later! 

Also, women who spent 20 minutes mixing sprints with jogging lost three times the fat in 15 weeks than those who jogged steadily for 40 minutes according to a study from the University of New South Wales in Sydney.  I’ll all for that – wouldn’t you rather work out for 20 minutes than 40?  Just ramp up the intensity!


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