Three Ways to De-Stress

yawning-baby-400We are surrounded by stress, whether it’s in the form of a crying baby, whiny 2-year-old, demanding work schedule, or migraine headaches. It’s amazing to me to read about the effects of stress – from a lack of energy, depression, back pain, to heart problems. If we can learn how to de-stress each day, it will do wonders for our health (and our waistline) as a result.

My 2-year-old was breaking down fast – it was still about 1 hour from her normal nap time, but she was crying about everything at the drop of the hat. “MOM! YOU MAY FOLD THIS FOR ME!” and she says this while crying so hard because she can’t figure out how to fold a letter back up. “MOM, WHERE ARE MY SHORTS???!!!” in hysterics. Okay, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out she needs to go down for her nap a little early. She did, and all was well again.

#1 Get Some Shut Eye
Thus my first tip to de-stress…SLEEP!   Move heaven and earth to get 8 hours of continuous sleep a night.  Yes, this is after your baby is a few months old and doesn’t apply to new moms.  Your body needs sleep to function properly with plenty of energy.  If you find you’re breaking down like my 2 year old was, the answer may be as simple as a 30 minute nap.  Don’t feel bad to take it.  Your family will thank you for it when you’re much nicer to talk to! 

#2 Keep a Journal

Don’t go to bed with all your concerns and to-do list items swirling in your head.  Write them down instead on paper and then forget about them for the evening. 

#3 Enjoy a Massage

Make an appointment for a monthly massage, or ask your husband for one.  This extra pampering is worth it!  Or you can buy a foot massager or handheld massager for your back and shoulders.  Massages are great stress relievers!

What are you going to do to de-stress today?


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  1. Thanks for stopping by :O) I’m glad to be back blogging and reading my favorite blogs- yours included!

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