My Boy’s First Day in Kindergarten

Ethan-first-day-school-w-meWell, I have done it.  I’ve experienced a rite of passage for moms – the day the firstborn goes to kindergarten!  I am so happy that my son was very excited.  Walking to the classroom, I said, “This is so exciting!” (even if I didn’t feel that 100%) and he replied, “It’s even more exciting for me!”  I know it’s helping that he’s getting Hot Wheels cars at the end of the week if he does well.  He is totally motivated by rewards.

We decided to try a dual immersion program which means he will be taught primarily in Spanish.  Since we’re not Spanish speakers, this is a big and exciting step.  I know a year from now he will understand so much Spanish and that’s a wonderful asset.

But for now, he didn’t understand  a whole lot (and neither did his classmates) but that will change in time.  Those strange words will begin to make sense very soon.

It reminds me of when we want to try a new way of eating or exercising.  At first, we’re not very comfortable and feel out of our comfort zones.  But if we persevere in time, those new things will become second nature to us. 


So don’t give up moms – stay in the “losing weight after baby” classroom and reward yourself along the way to keep you motivated (Hot Wheels cars are good – no calories in those!).


2 Responses

  1. I had to reply, because my daughter is in a Spanish Immersion School as well! She was in kindergarten last year, and will start 1st grade in September. Just warning you – the first 3 weeks were tough for Ella, but after that the year went very smoothly! My spouse and I don’t speak Spanish either, but it’s such a great opportunity for our kids to be bilingual, and learn so much about other cultures. I felt so proud when Ella learned to count to 100 in Spanish, and her accent is perfect!

    We plan to send our other 2 kids to the same school when they are old enough. Keep us posted on how it’s going!

  2. Thank you so much for replying Rachel! My son likes it so far (even though he doesn’t understand much) so we’re very relieved. I was more panicky when I got the first round of homework and realized that I will need to look up the words to pronouce them right to review with him! Your comment is so encouraging – thank you!!!

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