Garage Sale Therapy!

garage-saleI went to some garage sales near my home and I have to tell you, I had the best time!  I was so energized and pumped up.  I spent less than $10 for all that you see in this picture including a brand new set of “Brain Quest” cards, wicker basket, Baskin Robbins cake maker (don’t worry, we won’t use it much!) and purple purse for my daughter.  The other stuff (games, sweater, bike helmet) are all in good condition.  I love getting bargains! 

I so enjoyed being out by myself, with the freedom to stop wherever I wanted.  I didn’t have to unbuckle or buckle anyone in.  It was such a nice break and it surprised me how much I enjoyed that one hour. 

What is something you would enjoy doing for one hour?  Why don’t you plan something fun for yourself and use it as a reward for meeting a short-term goal like exercising 3 times in one week, or skipping dessert for one week?  There are many enjoyable rewards that don’t involve food, so plan something nice for yourself today!


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