Do You Have Time to Clean Your House?

condo interiorI was shopping for some toys on Craigslist and found a toy I wanted to get for my son.  When the seller opened her door, I was struck with how neat and clean her home was.  The carpet looked freshly vacuumed.  The countertops were clutter free and sparkly.  While we were picking out the items for sale, my 2 year old daughter blurted out “I have to go to the bathroom!”  The lady was gracious to offer her bathroom which was…you guessed it…clean as a whistle. 

Okay, even when I have guests over, my house is never THAT clean.  When I returned to my messy home, I felt dejected.  How can I have sparkling countertops like that lady?  Granted, she only had one child who is 9, and I have 2 children under 5 and pregnant with another.  But enough with excuses.  You know what I did?  I cleaned my kitchen sink first, and then the kitchen countertops.  There…I felt better.

The next day, I cleaned the bathroom upstairs.  And you know what I realized?  I may not be able to transform my house into that woman’s house overnight, but slowly I can clean up an area at a time, and that’s okay.  Without her example, I would not have been motivated to clean up my own home.  But with her welcoming, clutter free, clean home in my mind, I wanted to do something to make my home a little more like hers.

I share that story because sometimes we can feel helpless in the face of housework, parenting, work, and of course, losing weight.  Instead of being paralyzed by how far you have to go, just take a few baby steps in the direction you want to go.  Those baby steps count and will do wonders for your attitude. 

So if your house is a mess, just tackle the kitchen sink today and tackle another small area tomorrow.  If your eating is out of control (too much junk food for instance), skip one serving of chips today.  Take baby steps – you can do it!


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