Is a TB Test Safe During Pregnancy?

My son is in kindergarten so I’d love to spy on him help in the classroom.  One of the requirements is having a TB test.  I can’t remember when I had a TB test last, so I wonder at 31 weeks pregnant, if it’s okay for me to do now.

I looked around the Internet and still wasn’t sure.  At my OB/GYN appt yesterday, the doctor said it was perfectly fine.  So I’ll be on my way to the school nurse soon, and hopefully I’ll get to help out in my son’s class a few times before baby arrives.  In case you’re wondering if it’s okay, my doc says it is, and of course, it’s always great to check with your doctor too!


2 Responses

  1. I work in a hospital (just weekends now), and have had at least 2 TB tests while pregnant. My understanding is that they are perfectly safe. Good luck with volunteering at school How’s it going for your little guy, anyway? We start school here in about 2 weeks.

  2. Thanks for the great info Rachel. My son loves kindergarten so we are thrilled! The teacher is awesome and that’s a big reason we went for it. It’s a Spanish immersion program where the kids are taught 90% in Spanish, and we don’t speak Spanish, so it’s a big adventure for our son. He loves it and we’re so thankful for it! Enjoy these last weeks of summer with yours, and hope the school year starts wonderfully for you!

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