Are Your Girlfriends Making You Skinnier or Fatter?

I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant now and I’m content with my weight gain (which has been about 30 pounds).  It’s funny though, I find myself comparing myself to other pregnant women.  If I see other women who have gained more weight, I think “Phew, I’m doing really good!  Let me have a bowl of cookies and cream!” 

But if I see a really fit pregnant woman (like the one I saw yesterday at the doctor’s office), I think, “Wow, I better do one of those pregnancy workout videos!”

Isn’t it easy as a woman to compare yourself to other women?  We tend to see where we fall in comparison to our friends, and gauge our success based on that, instead of our own personal goals.


If your girlfriends love to eat fast food and are carrying an extra 10+ pounds, you’re going to feel pretty comfortable joining in the party.  But if your girlfriends eat veggies and run marathons for fun, you’re probably going to order differently (healthier) when you have lunch together.

Statistics show that your friends play a big part in your weight loss journey.  So ask yourself – are your friends (the ones you see most often) encouraging you to lose weight or to gain weight?  Of course, no one is going to say “Come on, let’s pig out and gain 5 pounds this month!”  But what do they say with their actions?  With their eating and exercise choices?  Do they have a victim mentality?  A sarcastic attitude about losing weight? 

If so, you may want to limit your meal times together until you reach your ideal size/weight.  Would that be a sacrifice?  Absolutely!  But when attempting to lose weight, do you need all the help you can get?  Absolutely!   

You want to be around friends (especially at meal, snack, and coffee time) who are going to encourage you to make wise choices!


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  1. It is a human thing to compare yourself to other people pregnant or not just don’t over do it. fact, those around you can either help you lose weight or make it too difficult for you, so if they are not helping you then stop seeing them a lot. Very nice post we should all encourage each other and become the very best we can be, it is not easy but it worths it.

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