Happy Birthday to My Firstborn!


If it wasn’t for this little boy, Losing Weight After Baby would have never happened!  After all, I wouldn’t have had the baby fat to lose.  (I guess without my son my blog would have to be call “Losing Weight in Your 30s” instead since we all know how easy it is to pack on the pounds)

My son has looked forward to his birthday for months and it’s finally here.  As it’s been said about raising young children, “The days are long but the years are short.”  Have you found that to be true?  These years with my son have flown by and I treasure being a mom to my wonderful son. 

We go to a year round kindergarten, so he’s already started.  When my husband or I drop him off at school, he points to his cheek.  He still wants a kiss from us!  I love that so much!  Fast forward to the tape, and that kiss will turn into a cool glance/acknowledgement when he’s in high school I imagine 🙂

I read something in a magazine from No Greater Joy Ministries that caught my attention: 

To the tired mother, repeating the same chores day after day, struggling to keep peace with the children, aware of her fading youth and her failure to have achieved the self-expression she expected…today is just another burden to be borne.  Whereas to the mother with a vision for eternity, today is an opportunity to be God’s nanny, teaching His kids to honor Him.  She doesn’t carry the burden of personal ambition.

That quote reminded me that all the little things that go into raising my son are not mundane or useless.  If I can parent with the big picture in mind, I’ll remember that I’m raising a future hero, great husband, loyal friend, industrious worker, lover of God, and so much more.  It takes the pressure off the daily stresses, and puts the emphasis of the joy that is coming.  So happy birthday to my sweet son – I’m so thankful to have him for these years to love him and teach him!


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  1. very nice and interesting, we can all learn from one another to loose weight is not an easy journey, most people fall behind or fell out because they thought it would be easy then when they find out it is not that easy they get discouraged and stop what ever they were doing.
    my advice don’t stop instead find fun in doing it. look at loosing weight as a fun thing and stop counting days because when you are having fun you shouldn’t be counting days.

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