Swollen Feet During Pregnancy – What to Do?

Okay friends…it’s hot out.  We don’t have AC.  Most weeks of the year, this is just fine, but for about 5-8 weeks in August and September it gets pretty hot in my house.  Thankfully as I type I have a fan pointed to my body and am feeling comfy.  Except for that feeling in my feet.  My sausage-like swollen feet! 

Being 33 weeks pregnant in the heat isn’t that much fun (I’m sure many of you can relate and remember this!).  It’s not too bad except for my puffy feet which ache and look absolutely ridiculous.  In past pregnancies, I’ve worn those tight socks you buy at the drugstore to keep my feet from becoming so swollen, but in the heat, I’ve left those in the closet.  Plus who wants to look like a baseball player wearing with knee high socks and shorts – ha!

So here are a few tips I’ve been reading up on that I wanted to share to reduce the puffiness in your feet:

  • Put your feet up whenever possible (try a stool underneath your desk)
  • Stretch your legs, rotate your ankles, wiggle your toes
  • Don’t cross your legs or ankles while sitting
  • Try not to stand or sit too long, mix it up
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat healthy

Any other suggestions?


2 Responses

  1. Well, another suggestion would be to move around take about or at least 60 steps walk every 45 minutes of sitting down. so you sit down for about 45 minutes then you get up and walk around about 60 steps and continuing to do those other things already suggested to you they are all true.

  2. I’ve found that a mom has to be extra creative when trying to exercise with children.

    I do get tired of walks sometimes – and weather can be a problem. Home gyms can help, but if you don’t have the space, what do you do?

    I try the common sense route – sometimes wait for hubby to get home early so I can “do my thing!”


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