Baby Girl Names


The ultrasound shows we’re having a girl, but I never totally count on that until the baby actually arrives!  My daughter wanted to name her “Brownie” but that’s out 🙂  Giggles and Bubbles were also talked about. 

Assuming we’re having a girl in 7 weeks, what names do you like the best from this list? 

  • Sabrina
  • Sarah
  • Faith
  • Kate
  • Jade
  • Lucy

10 Responses

  1. My top two favorites are Sabrina and Faith; they would sound so pretty when saying all your kids’ names together!

  2. I love the names Lucy and Kate (and actually, Lucy Katherine is really pretty)! But all the names are beautiful. Good luck choosing one! For us, it got more difficult to pick with each child. By the time #3 was born, it was very hard to choose one.

  3. i think Sabrina is my favorite. It’s a name that would have been on my name lists, if it didn’t directly rhyme with my own name! I think Lucy is very cute too!

  4. I love Lucy — and Kate!

  5. Sabrina is beautiful. I think it means princess

  6. Thanks for all the great advice and input on baby names! I like them all which makes it harder to choose, but I guess that’s a good thing.

  7. Faith, Kate or Lucy – all are favorites of mine!

  8. I like the name Jade.

  9. I like the names Kate and Lucy.

  10. I’ve always loved the name Sarah.

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