I May Be Smiling, But My Baby is Kicking My Abs!

DSC_3870 - Copy

Yes, I am happy that my baby is kicking a lot.  It’s a wonderful reassurance that she’s in there and doing well.  But ever since Labor Day (so appropriate!), she has been kicking HARD!  Not the “oooh, it’s so cute to feel her flutter in there.”  It’s the “OW!  Who punched me in the belly?”  She did it just now as I’m typing the little comedian!

So when I went to the doctor and told her I had cramping on my left side toward the bottom of my belly, she explained the baby was probably stretching a particular ligament, and to try to lay on one side or just get in a more comfortable position when that happened.  She told me not to worry about the localized cramping, and to be more concerned with contractions. 

It’s nice to have the reassurance that everything’s okay.  You would think I would remember from prior pregnancies, but this little one seems a lot more forceful than my others.  She must be ready to make her entrance into the world!


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