Transitioning Your Toddler to a New Room


Here’s my sweet 2 year old sleeping in her crib for one of the last times.  We have one of those cribs that converts into a toddler bed by removing one of the sides.  She’s been in that all her life, about 34 months.  Now that baby sister is coming to occupy that crib, she’s moving into big brothers room next door. 

My hubby and I thought about how to make the transition smooth and fun for both our son and daughter.   First, we decided we better do it a few weeks before baby arrives so they are both used to it before having another major change.  Also, that would lessen the feelings of “the new intruder” kicking me out of my room.

My mom had the brilliant idea of bringing a tent into the room to make it fun (whenever the kids visit my parents, they love pretending to sleep in this tent).  So my mom gave us the tent and we put a mattress inside.  We renamed the room “Camp Crazy” and had a big grand opening party.  It was a huge success!  My son didn’t seem to mind having a guest in his room, and my daughter loved the idea of going into the tent.  They’ve been sleeping together for about a week so far, and no fits or crying from either of them.  We are proud, thrilled, and relieved.

There are times when my daughter says, “I want to go back to my old room” and my heart goes out to her.  She used to have her whole room, but now she has a tent in her brother’s room.  I suppose it’s good to learn how to downsize and be flexible – even if you’re two! 

But see…she looks happy enough roughing it, don’t you think? 



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