37 Weeks and Counting


My 2 year old daughter is so cute.  She says that she wants to be a doctor so she can help “mommy and the baby.”  The other day, she took a stick and pointed it to my belly and said, “I am going to take the baby out!”  She also says there’s a baby in her tummy too. 

So far, I think she’s going to like being a big sister as long as she’s involved.  I can see it already though, the clashes over, “Put the baby DOWN!” and “I want to hold the baby!”  This is part of life with siblings right? 

I am an only child so I never had to deal with sharing my mom or dad with anyone or sharing a room.  But I also missed out on playing with siblings and all the great fun that my 5 & 2 year old have together whether they’re racing each other, playing with cars and dinosaurs, or jumping up and down to music. 

My c-section is scheduled for mid-October so  it won’t be long now.  I’m hoping to get another time slot because the surgery is at 3:00 pm and I don’t want to fast that long and be miserable going into the c-section.  My last pregnancy was c-section so that’s why I’m having another.  I’m not looking forward to the recovery period and being so immobile for the first week or two.  I remember last time my husband helping me to get out of bed and lay down in bed gently since my abdomen area hurt so much.  Do you remember too moms-who-have-had-c-sections? 

About how long did it take you to walk around?  Drive again?  Exercise?


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  1. I was able to walk around to take care of the baby at about 4-7 days, but it was still painful. Took a good 5-6 weeks to feel semi normal (like able to walk a distance and go out without feeling pain or wiped out) at 3 months I felt almost back to myself. Now at one year, occasional pinching and twinging in the scar area.
    I would not want to have another c section, I get inspired to go completely natural when I see how good the moms feel afterwards. I plan on VBAC for my next 🙂

  2. I didn’t have family around so it was just my husband and I. I got out of bed and walked around the house daily. It took me 3 weeks to get out for a short walk in my block. It took me 2 weeks to drive again. The worse thing was getting up from the bed to get to the nursery and assist the baby. I think that next time around we may want a bassinet nearby 🙂 May God bless you as your birth day nears!

  3. You look wonderful!! I’ve had 3 c-sections myself. With my 2nd, the nurse offered me a large velcro “binder” that gave great support to my abdomen during recovery. Made it not hurt so bad to laugh or get up and move.

    I get up and walk around as soon as possible! I find that alternating between sitting in the chair at the hospital and the bed help me not get so sore and stiff. I wait at least a week to drive.

    Can’t wait to read about your baby news in a few weeks!

  4. She’s adorable!

  5. Thank you for all the great advice. I’ve been prepping my husband for the extra help I will need after the c-section. He remembers the recovery period being easier than I recall – ha ha. I look forward to feeling “normal” again and able to lift, walk, and play with my kids as I please! All in good time…

  6. To make a long story short, c’s really suck. But one advantage to getting through the first 2 weeks is to sleep on the couch. I chose the couch because each end was a recline seat and the closest thing I had to a “motorized hospital bed”. I was able to lean back into recline position to sleep when I needed, sit up to nurse or actually get up with little to no pain down at the incision site. Getting into an actual bed in laying down position didn’t happend until way later, after my 6 week exam. I plan on doing the same thing in in spring when our 2nd is born. Even if I v-bac, I’m still going for the couch. Horray for comfy couches!

  7. Sarah,
    thanks for the couch tip. Yes, I remember getting in and out of bed was the painful part! Thank you!

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