Thank You Dear Husband!


I must say thank you to my dear husband for all of his wonderful help during my pregnancy!!!

Since Labor Day, I’ve had pain on my left side, under my belly, where the doctors think my baby is stretching out my ligaments.  When I stand for too long, the pain is so bad, but when I lie on my side, the pain goes away almost immediately.  It doesn’t take a surgeon to conclude what I’ve been doing for weeks…lying on my side…a lot!

You know as a mom, that’s not the ideal position to care for a 5 and 2 year old! 

So I must thank my hero husband who has taken my son to kindergarten, brought the kids to the park in the early evening to play, fixed countless meals and washed an amazing amount of dishes.  Like right now, he’s got the kids with him doing real estate errands (he’s a super realtor) and I’m about to lie down. 

In the morning, he gets up and gets the kids breakfast.  He closes our bedroom door quietly so I can get more sleep, because he knows I was up 4 times that night to pee and that 50% of the time, I can’t get back to sleep.

Thank you sweet husband for being so helpful, supportive, and happy as he does it.  He makes parenting look fun because guess what?  It is!


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