Surviving Partial Bed Rest During Pregnancy


Being on partial bed rest during pregnancy has its ups and downs.  Of course, there are times you want to smash the clock, be done with your resting and get on with life!  But back to the ups and downs…


  • Enjoy sleeping now, you won’t be sleeping much after baby is born.
  • This is payback for all the times you’ve have to stay up late to do work, clean, bake, etc.
  • When else can you have an excuse to read novels and watch movies in the daytime?
  • You can listen to audio books and have a “Bedrest University” experience.  You’ll be much smarter when you emerge from your slumber!
  • You can talk on the phone to longlost friends, or write handwritten notes (imagine that!)
  • You can pray and read your Bible.  God is the friend who’s always available to talk. 


  • You feel useless.
  • You have to arrange schedules to make sure your kids are taken care of (if you have kids already).
  • Your house is probably a mess (but to be honest, my house was a mess before I had to lie down).
  • You long for outdoor adventures (a trip to Walmart).
  • The days are running into each other and you want a diversion! 

There’s a season for everything so remember, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!  Try to think of one thing different to do each day, whether it’s reading something new or putting on a fragrant hand lotion.   Play games with your kids in bed.  Keep a thanksgiving journal and write down 3 things each day you’re grateful for.   Set goals for the next year.  Listen to inspirational/encouraging podcasts (like Losing Weight After Baby).

Your time in bed doesn’t have to be wasted.  There are ways to enjoy your pajama time!


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