First Week with Baby Lucy


We’ve had a great first week with baby Lucy!  It takes a little bit to get back into the feeding schedule after not having to do that for awhile!  But Lucy is right on schedule…feeding every 3-4 hours and even sleeping up to 4 hours at a time at night already.  Think that’s amazing?  Read the book On Becoming Babywise which has helped us with all three of our babies.  You basically want to have your baby eating, then some activity time (this is the hardest to get a newborn to stay awake), and then sleeping.  That cycle continues throughout the day.  Eat, activity, sleep.  Then of course, when baby sleeps, mom should too.  But we typically find something to do, don’t we moms?  🙂   

Lucy seems like an over achiever, as she has cried the least of our 3 kids and been the most easy going.  We feel most blessed!   



3 Responses

  1. Lucy is gorgeous! Congratulations Arlene!!!

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  3. Thanks for coming by Laveta! I’ve added a subscription button because of your comment – thank you!

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