5 Tips for New Moms


After your baby is born, there are a few things you can do to feel more human (versus a milk machine) and enjoy your new baby…

1.  Take a shower every day.  You will feel refreshed.  Clean.  Like you’ve accomplished something.  Don’t worry – your baby will survive for 15 minutes while you shower. 

2.  Put on a little makeup every day.  You don’t have to go glamour, but do something.  I just put foundation, lip gloss, and eyeliner on.  It makes me feel a little better when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.   

3.  Sleep when your baby sleeps.  Force yourself to take care of yourself. 

4.  Record your baby’s firsts.  You won’t remember many details a year from now.  Keep a journal of the special moments.  I keep mine on the computer.  Take lots of pictures (do I even need to say this?) and video too.  Even if it’s baby #5, take lots of photos.  My husband was baby #4 and there weren’t too many pictures of him.  His sister always told him he was adopted 🙂

5.  Slow down and keep life simple.  The first weeks with baby are your special time to enjoy your  newborn.  Don’t host parties or dinners.  Say no to volunteer commitments.  Keep your focus at home and save your energy because you will need it 🙂


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