What’s Really Important


Today I heard on the radio that times of crisis can help us see our priorities clearly.  Although having a healthy baby is hardly a crisis, it has helped me to see my priorities clearly.

–To be a wife who loves and respects her husband.

–To be a mother to three treasures (one pictured above, two pictured below).

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

The simplicity of this is freeing.  The other things I may accomplish in life are icing on the cake, but being a wife and mom are my priorities.  When I stare at my baby’s face, I am amazed once again that God has lent me this gift from heaven.  It’s more than enough to be a wife and mother, even in our culture which says you must be a wife/mom/plus something else to really be a success. 

Just remember when you feel knee deep in laundry and diapers…when your jeans still don’t fit…when you miss those corporate free lunches…Motherhood Rocks! 



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