6 Weeks Postpartum

Many nights, I go to bed thinking about things I want to blog about.  But then another day goes by, and I’m back in bed with “blog” on my to-do list still. 

I think you understand because you’re a mom!  I realize with a newborn and 3 and 5 year old, many days it’s just about getting everyone fed 🙂  But today, before I go to bed, I must write something!

Today marks six weeks after baby!  Wow, how time has flown.  I absolutely love having a baby.  Lucy is the sweetest thing.  I do miss being able to leave the house in under an hour (ha, ha, remember how long it takes to pack up little kids and a baby in a car?). 

So, now that I am done pampering myself after my c-section (not working out, eating whatever I feel like)…it’s time to start exercising again and think NUTRITION! 

The plan is:

1.  Exercise at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes.  I’ll start with easier exercise videos and then ramp up (I just bought Jillian’s 30 Day Shred – I’ll let you know how I like it).  I will go back to spin class in January. 

2.  Write down what I eat and keep my food journal an open book.  My husband is my accountable partner (he wants to lose those sympathy pregnancy pounds too!). 

3.  Say no to sugar.  I am allowing exceptions (Thanksgiving, upcoming birthday party) but will “eat clean” when at home. 

4.  Listen to my own audio course each day, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You beginning December 1. 

My goal is to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight/size in 6 months.  So that means I’ll be able to zip up my skinny jeans on May 10, 2010. 

What’s your goal?  Let’s help each other get there!


4 Responses

  1. Luci is gorgeous!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all!

    My day started out with a nice surprise, I’m really thankful for, besides having my awesome family: I stepped on the scale this morning and lo and behold I’ve finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight, a month and a half early, woo hoo! Now I’m going to take a little vacation from food journaling and all the obsessing over what I eat, it’s perfect timing to enjoy the holiday weekend.

    I still have a pooch belly and I’ll work on that next, starting December 1st. My current body fat is 37%, it used to be 42% 4 months ago after giving birth, so it’s a great improvement, but still… I’ll be focusing on fat burning and strengthening my core. Is having a 6-pack too unrealistic if I’ve never had one, LOL? My new goal statement is:

    I will have toned abs and 30% body fat by May 9th!

    P.S. I love Lucy’s hair!

  3. What a great comment – congrats on reaching your pre-pregnancy weight! Good for you for setting new goals. Your enthusiasm and gratitude will get you there in no time. Enjoy the Christmas season with your family!

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