You Cannot Lose Weight Alone

When my husband talked with my parents about surprising me with an elaborate proposal, my mom said, “In a plan like this, you need many allies.” 

Well, like that, when you want to lose weight, you need many allies.  The most important allies are the ones living under your roof.  How can your husband and kids help you lose weight?  Hinder you?  

Today in my 31 Day audio course, I talk about “You Cannot Lose Weight Alone.”  One of the questions at the end is:

If you miss exercising for a week, would anyone know or care?  Who is your accountability partner? 

How would you answer that question?  For me, the answer is:

  1. My husband.  The exercise taskmaster.

Starting next month (January):

  1. My spin instructor.  She makes you feel incredibly guilty if you miss a spin class without a VALID excuse.
  2. My mom.  She’s my spin partner. 

Who’s got your back?  If someone doesn’t come to mind, figure out today who you want as your accountability partner and ask for their help.  Don’t delay because you cannot lose weight alone.


One Response

  1. A wonderful post! Repeated studies have shown that weight loss is more successful at the start and to sustain with peer support — especially from several sources.

    Great reading, thanks!

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