Christmas Grocery Shopping Tips

Today on my Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You program, I talk about “Shopping Light.”  If you can win the battle when shopping at the grocery store, you will win at home.  Whatever goes in your cart eventually makes it into your mouth. 

Especially during the Christmas season, it’s very tempting to put all sorts of goodies in your grocery cart, from panetone to chocolate truffles to sugar cookies.  Here are a few tips to help you navigate the grocery store aisles successfully:

1.  Shop with a list.  Keep to the list.  Don’t just throw something in your cart because it looks good.

2.  Don’t shop when hungry.  You probably already know this.  What if you have to stop by the store and you haven’t had time to eat?  Keep a protein bar or handful of nuts inside your car for times like this.

3.  Don’t buy Christmas treats unless you know exactly what they will be used for (to bring for a potluck, to serve at a party, to bring to the office, etc.).  Don’t trust yourself to exercise self-control if you bring home a tower of treats that aren’t already spoken for. 

4.  Skip the egg nog & candy canes. 

Happy Shopping!  Bring home fruit!  🙂


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