Chart My Progress!

Okay the New Year has begun…have you set some short and long term weight loss goals for yourself? 

Here are mine:

Long term goal:  Back to pre-pregnancy size 6 by May 10, 2010

Short term goal:  Wear size 10 jeans by the end of January

How will I lose the weight:  Exercise for 30 minutes 6 days a week, portion control, limit sugar

Current weight:  149 lbs. 

Remember a goal is a dream with a plan.  You can’t just think about what you want;  you have to DO something about it. 

I have been doing really well with my exercise lately.  I actually feel so much better – more energy and in a better mood – when I exercise.  I usually do it in the morning, a 20 minute workout DVD (Jillian’s 30 Day Shred is my DVD of choice), and my kids often join me watch. 

I’ll be reporting my progress on the blog and I’d love to hear about your short and long term goals too.  We can keep each other encouraged and accountable! 

Here’s to not wearing elastic waist pants in the New Year (yes, I’m wearing them right now). 

P.S.  I don’t want you think I’m perfect and will confess…I had more than one piece of the most delicious bundt cake yesterday at my parents (think a Cinnabon cinnamon roll upgraded to Nordstrom style cake).  My pennance?  Push ups before bed.


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