I Exercise Because…

Pictured is my sweet husband and son.  Something I really appreciate about my husband is his ability to coach me.  He wants me to lose weight too and is willing to sweeten the bitter pill of losing weight. 

He provides great incentives…massages!

If I exercise 6 times a week, I get two 15-minute massages during the week.  And let me tell you, when your muscles are sore and you’re tired from the day, these massages are heavenly.  But if I miss a day of exercise, I forfeit both massages. 

Believe me, there have been days when I didn’t feel like exercising, but did because I wanted the massage. 

So, what do you think?  What will your reward/incentive for exercising be?  A massage from your husband?  A trip to the day spa if you meet all your exercise goals for one month?  A new small fun item to buy? 

Have an incentive that moves you and you’ll find yourself moving more for exercise!


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