Can You Lose Weight on Vacation?

We enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Zion National Park in Utah this week.  We vacationed with my in-laws which I thought was a perfect combination.  Wherever we could stroll with baby Lucy, the grandparents could come too.  Except that my husband, a free spirit, doesn’t exactly follow “stroller friendly trails” all the time. 

When we started up the dirt path with the stroller, I already protested – “It’s not going to make it!”  And wouldn’t you know, about 5 minutes up the trail, we ditched the stroller and proceeded to carry the infant car seat with our CHUBBY baby inside.  (We left the Baby Bjorn carrier in the car and it was too far to get it). 

THIS my friends is how you lose weight on vacation!  My husband carried Lucy most of the way up the hill.  Here’s Lucy taking a break – ha ha. 

But then our 3 year old needed to be carried, so I carried Lucy down the hill.  Phew!  My biceps were BURNING!  I was so thankful that Lucy is such an angel – she did not complain one bit although I was muttering under my breath much of the time…”I knew we shouldn’t have taken this trail…I’m not going to complain and ruin this memory…This is my least favorite hike ever…We’ll look back at this and laugh…” 

Yes, at the end of our time at Zion, what was my husband’s favorite hike?  This one with Lucy.  So I guess I am glad we had an adventure.  Make hiking (or something else active) part of your vacation and you’ll be able to keep those “going out to eat” pounds at bay. 


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