SOUP-er Way to Lose the Baby Weight…Progresso Soup Giveaway!

I’ve been hovering at about 150 pounds for a few weeks now.  My sweet 3 month old baby Lucy is growing bigger and bigger and I want to be growing smaller and smaller!

So I was very excited when I found out about the Progresso “Souper You Debut” contest.  I must admit I’m not much of a soup person, but Progresso has over 40 flavors of soups at 100 calories or less a serving.  I’m willing to try! 

You can enter the contest here for your chance to win a trip for two to New York City from May 21-23rd.  First prize includes roundtrip airfare, a two night stay in a NYC hotel, a full makeover, and a $1000 shopping spree and consultation. 

All you have to do to enter is submit an essay (200 characters or less) about why you like Progresso Light or 100 Calorie Soups and why you want a makeover, along with a photo of yourself.

As a blogger, I received a wonderful package of soup (along with a cool mug and jumprope) from Progresso to try myself and review.  I love that you can warm up a big can of soup and not feel guilty about eating all of it.  The worst damage (eating the whole can) is 200 calories.  You really feel like you’ve had a meal and you can’t beat the calorie count.  And with all the choices, you feel like you’re ordering from a menu instead of being trapped in dietland.

My favorite flavors so far are French Onion (only 100 calories) and Chicken Barley.  I’m not crazy about soft veggies in soup, so these two are good for me 🙂 

Want to try some free soup for yourself?  Progresso has generously offered a gift to one of my readers (it could be you!).  Enter here to win:

  • 2 cans of Progresso Soup
  • Progresso soup mug
  • Progresso digital jump rope that keeps track of jumps and calories burned

Just leave a comment here about why you’d like to win the soup and fun stuff.  The winner will be chosen on January 25th.  Eat soup and be happy!


6 Responses

  1. I would definitely use the soup and soup mug right away! The jump rope would have to wait until this summer when I can exercise again after delivery but it makes me excited for when I can use it!

  2. I love soup in the winter! I would love to try some new healthy kinds! Thanks to you and your idea for a biggest loser contest our family is doing round 2 of the biggest loser (13 people participating this time!). My mother-in-law is the Mayor of our city, so now the city is starting a biggest loser challenge Feb 1st as well. We love to lose weight after baby!

  3. I love your biggest loser contest – too fun! And the city too…that’s great!

  4. Did someone say SOUP? We have soup for breakfast at our house! And yes, soup for lunch and soup for dinner. It’s great on it’s own, with a sandwich, as a starter, as a finisher. Did I mention that I love soup? Oh wait, I must pause for a moment to savor a spoonful of soup while I’m at my computer. (No joke!) I would love to win this most excellent prize. A Progresso soup mug would suit my desk very well. Not only that, but I would give Progresso quite the marketing niche with all the students that come to my office on a daily basis. Aaaaand…I like soft veggies in my soup so any flavor would be scrumptious to me! The jump rope would just be an added bonus. I bought a musical jump rope for my daughter and we would definitely be jumping together. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  5. I would totally use the jump rope – how cool it counts for you. I just jumped rope last night at the gym, just a few minutes but every little bit helps.


  6. I would like to win because I love soup and I would like to try the jump rope.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

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