My Biggest Loser Contest

Here’s my hubby, pretending he’s the chef at Benihana’s Japanese restaurant.  He may be smiling, but he’s going down!

We’re having a biggest loser contest going on right now!  Who can lose 10 pounds first?  The winner gets a massage every other day for a week (3 massages).  And of course, the glory of being the biggest loser.

I like 2 things about this contest:

1.  Since my husband is trying to lose weight too, it’s easier to eat healthy at home and skip treats/dinners out together. 

2.  My husband has already commented about how hard it is to lose weight.  He expects it to fall right off after a few good days of eating less.  He is now feeling my pain as I remind him I’ve had to lose weight after each baby.  And that was 40 pounds, not just 10!  Now I have some fresh empathy from him! 

Do you have a biggest loser contest going on?  If so, I’d love to hear about what the rewards are for the winner(s).  Having a biggest loser contest is a great way to gain momentum.  I highly recommend it! 

Here’s an article I wrote about having your own biggest loser contest if you want more ideas.


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