Controlling My Cheats

Well, I’ve been hovering between 147-150 lbs.  I must admit I have been allowing myself too many cheats.  Of course, when my husband points this out, I declare that I am not! 

Since I’m not gaining weight and losing a little (albeit a little), I’ve been allowing myself some treats.  For instance, I bought my grandmother a box of truffles, knowing full well that when I visited her, we would open the box and eat them together.  I think I must have had 5 truffles that day because I figured, “When else am I going to have the chance to eat truffles!” 

Then there’s the snacking with the kids.  If they sit down for graham crackers and milk, I have a few crackers too. 

Well, I know in my mind all these “little” things are stalling my weight loss.  I realized that most of my snacking was done in secret (foraging for anything sweet when my kids were napping and I was all alone in the kitchen).  Or when I saw a limited opportunity (like the truffles) and I jumped at it. 

So I decided this week to try something new – and it has totally worked!  I wrote down my allowances on little slips of paper:

  • Coffee drink
  • Dessert
  • Sun chips
  • 20 chocolate chips
  • Wild card

This is what I am allowed to cheat on during one week.  Just giving myself permission to eat these foods has helped me to control my desire for them!  Since I’m frugal, I save up my cheats and then try not to use them.  But I know if I need them, they are there and I like that feeling.  So far, in my first week of doing this, I only used 2 cards:  the dessert card (I had chocolate cake at a church banquet) and the sun chips one afternoon.

What do you like to eat?  Make yourself some cheat cards to use during the week.  Use moderation of course!  🙂  See how many cards you can leave unused and of course, stop eating treats if you do end up using all your cards.


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