February Fave Pics

My pretty princess on Valentine’s Day (thanks mom for the great dress from Ross that was a steal!)

Cupid strikes…how could you not love this baby?

Activity time is better with friends!


Atkins: Down Days and Up Days

When you’re losing weight, diets are fun (at least you’re seeing results and you’ve got momentum!).  When the scale doesn’t move or worse – when it goes in the wrong direction – how do you feel?  Discouraged, frustrated, blaise, and of course, hungry!  🙂

Just so you know I’m normal, I am not losing weight every single day on my Atkins diet.  In fact, a few days ago I got really close to beating my husband to our goal (biggest loser challenge: who can lose 10 pounds first) but then I gained a pound the next day.  Ug! 

When you’re losing weight, you’ve got to keep a long term perspective.  The scale might go up one day but over a two week period, you might lose 3 pounds.  That’s a victory to celebrate!

Today I weighed in at 142 lbs.  Earlier this week, I got as low as 140.9 lbs, so of course when I saw the scale this morning, I sighed.  BUT last Saturday, I weighed 143.5 lbs so I am moving in the right direction! 

I must admit when the scale is moving downward, I feel optimistic.  Unfortunately the opposite is true as well.  I have to remind myself that as long as I’m moving in the right direction overall, it’s going to work out great!

Atkins Diet: Buying Food Can Be Expensive, Is It Worth It?


I had to buy some things I don’t normally buy in order to do Atkins, like the essential (ha ha) indulge bars.  You get 5 little bars from Walmart for $4.88. 

Plus I bought turkey meatballs, eggs, protein powder, chicken and apple sausages (from Costco, yummo), and cheese.  It costs money to lose weight whether you’re doing something like Atkins, South Beach, Jenny Craigs or Weight Watchers. 

I think that’s why it works.  When I know I’ve paid extra money for Atkins bars, I don’t want to blow my Atkins diet by eating my kid’s pretzels or sandwiches and undoing the progress I’ve made.  That’s wasting money and my frugal self is not into that!

So I believe when you invest money into getting healthier, whether it’s a gym membership or healthy food, you will be more successful.  We take stuff seriously when it costs us money.

Atkins Diet: My Typical Menu

While doing Atkins, you limit and count your carbs.  For instance, if a tablespoon of peanut butter is 7 grams of carbs and 1 grams of fiber, that counts as 6 net carbs.  You subtract the fiber from the carbs, so the more fiber something has, the better. 

I like Atkins because I like what you can eat 🙂  Here’s a typical menu for me:

Breakfast:  2 eggs and 1 sausage patty

Snack: cup of coffee (no sugar), 7 walnuts, slice of cheddar cheese

Lunch:  Green peppers filled with blue cheese and a little Ranch dressing, cup of chicken soup (plain broth), turkey slices

Snack: cup of cottage cheese with cinnamon, Atkins indulge bar

Dinner:  tilapia, green salad, chocolate protein shake

While I’m doing Atkins, it much easier to pass on dessert at parties because I am making progress and I don’t want to mess that up.  Plus I know it’s short term so I can handle skipping some fave things for a time.

Success and self discipline is doing what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it.  So later on, you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Atkins is Working for Me!

I was looking at my blog posts dated Jan 2 and Jan 18.  I weighed in at 149 and 150 lbs.  I’ve been losing weight slowly by exercising 6 days a week and practicing portion control.  But I have been having too many treats, I must admit!  I’ve been hovering around 146/147 for awhile now. 

So this week, I decided to try Atkins for a short period of time.  It took me a long time to make this decision because I love my carbs from pasta, cereal, oatmeal, and of course those occasional cakes, chocolates and ice cream.  I knew if I was doing Atkins, I couldn’t cheat because that would really mess me up!  You can’t eat fat AND carbs without gaining some serious weight!

My husband had been encouraging me to do Atkins because I have lost weight with that successfully in the past, but I just wasn’t ready to give up my weekly splurge of ice cream or cake.  But this week, I decided to do Atkins for one month to see how much I can lose.

I started on Tuesday and I’m so excited to say it’s working wonderfully!  I’m surprised in fact how well it’s working for me.

  • Tuesday:  146 lbs
  • Wednesday: 145 lbs
  • Thursday: 144 lbs
  • Friday: 144 lbs
  • Saturday: 143.5 lbs

I can’t say these results are typical, but this is what I am experiencing.  I think my body needed a change and by skipping carbs, I’m burning fat, fat, fat!   

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a run down of what I’m eating.  I’m aiming for about 20-30 net carbs a day.

Book Review: A Mom’s Ultimate Book of Lists

We are moms so we have questions like:

  • Is my baby gaining enough or too much weight?
  • What are great books to read to my toddler?
  • What medicines can and can’t I give to my kids?

Answers to those questions and many more can be found in Michelle LaRowe’s informative book, A Mom’s Ultimate Book of Lists.  She gives nuts and bolts advice and statistics about your baby’s growth, nutrition, sleep patterns, and child care options.  She also includes great ideas for nurturing your child’s spirit – like “Ten Life Lessons to Teach Your Toddler,” “Six Lullabies to Soothe Your Baby’s Soul,” and “Teaching Children to Share Step-by-Step.”  Step one, by the way, is to set the ground rules (Always ask to use something that doesn’t belong to you). 

You’ll find a lot of common sense advice, checklists, creative ideas, and tips on becoming a more efficient and effective mom.  I like that it’s an easy to use resource.  Lists are divided by age groups (preparing for baby, first year, toddler years, preschool years) and then topical lists (health, saving time and money, family and friends).

I’m going to take her recommended reading list for toddlers and look for a few of them next time I’m at the library.  Here are some she recommends:

  • Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
  • I See by Rachel Isadora
  • Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill
  • Max’s Breakfast by Rosemary Wells
  • Dinosaur’s Binkit by Sandra Boynton

If you have a baby, toddler, or preschooler, this is a great resouce book to have in your library.  Thank you Revell Publishing for a copy of this great book to read and review!

Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day today, but we’ve had lots of treats leading up to it already.  My son got lots of candy at school.  I let him choose a piece (he picked a lollipop) and then put the rest away.  Hopefully he’ll forget about it in time! 

Yesterday we went to 2 birthday parties.  The party for the one-year-old had homemade lemon cake with vanilla frosting (yes, it was good!).  The other party was for a 50-year-old and had a chocolate mousse cake with chocolate and white chocolate shavings on top (yes, that piece was good too!). 

Today we’re going out to Indian food with my family and tonight we’re taking the kids to a new ice cream parlour.  So much for losing weight this weekend!  I’m going to try my best to have small portions of everything 🙂

With all this partying, I’ll need to do some damage control next week.  Can you relate? 

Here’s an article about what to do with all that Valentine’s Day chocolate if you got some (I asked my husband not to buy me chocolate since you can see by my post, I’m not deprived this weekend!). 

Love to you and your family!  God loves you and so do I!