Atkins Diet: Buying Food Can Be Expensive, Is It Worth It?


I had to buy some things I don’t normally buy in order to do Atkins, like the essential (ha ha) indulge bars.  You get 5 little bars from Walmart for $4.88. 

Plus I bought turkey meatballs, eggs, protein powder, chicken and apple sausages (from Costco, yummo), and cheese.  It costs money to lose weight whether you’re doing something like Atkins, South Beach, Jenny Craigs or Weight Watchers. 

I think that’s why it works.  When I know I’ve paid extra money for Atkins bars, I don’t want to blow my Atkins diet by eating my kid’s pretzels or sandwiches and undoing the progress I’ve made.  That’s wasting money and my frugal self is not into that!

So I believe when you invest money into getting healthier, whether it’s a gym membership or healthy food, you will be more successful.  We take stuff seriously when it costs us money.


5 Responses

  1. I don’t mean to be nosy, but I’m wondering if you’re following the Atkins diet while you’re nursing? It does not seem like the healthiest diet for nursing moms. If you’re not nursing, then I guess it doesn’t make a difference, though isn’t nursing a great way to lose weight after baby?

  2. Just remember…good food costs a little more. Crap food is cheap…but you pay more for it later.

  3. Yes, I wish I was able to nurse. I am not nursing and totally agree that nursing is the best for baby and for losing weight. I have not been able to produce enough milk although I have tried pumping with a hospital grade pump at home and other things. Thanks for your concern Betsy!

  4. Thanks for taking my comment as intended – it sounded critical to me as I just read it over. It must be hard to have trouble nursing, though if it’s any consolation I know quite a few people whose mothers didn’t nurse, and they are healthy and very intelligent! Take care Arlene. ps – your baby’s hair is adorable!

  5. Thank you Betsy!

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