He Won the Biggest Loser Contest

Well, my husband and I have been having a biggest loser contest, and I’m kind of disappointed to tell you…HE WON!

Now it’s not surprising, considering it is easier for men to lose weight than women.  Something about all the fat burning muscle men have – if you’re interested, read more about it in the Weight Watchers book, She Loses, He Loses: The Truth About Men, Women, and Weight Loss.

The contest was “who would lose 10 pounds first.”  He lost a lot fast but hovered with those last 2 pounds for awhile and I thought I had a chance of catching up.  But he emerged the victor and is enjoying the victor’s spoils:  3 massages in a one-week period. 

But I will press on!  I have about 2 pounds to lose to get to the “lose 10 pound” mark, and then another 4 pounds or so to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.  My husband may have won the battle, but I will win the war!


2 Responses

  1. Congrats to your husband ! I am sure you will win the war. Weight is one measure and body fat is another measure. My wife is participating in a reality show fitness challenge that measures reduction in body fat. Do you have a scale that measures body fat?



  2. Thanks Don! No, I don’t have a scale that measures body fat but that would be a neat thing.

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