Bye Bye Jeans!


Ah, this is a welcome sight and milestone.  A pile of clothes for AMVETS, including my size 10 jeans.  I couldn’t even zip them up in January.  Although the waist fits me fine now, the legs are getting too baggy.  And I figured, as long as I need incentive to lose weight, I might as well throw those jeans out and aim for smaller sizes! 

I can fit into a size 8 now which is great.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you can pull out a pair of pants from the closet and actually wear them.  My favorite clothes are coming out of boxes again, just in time for spring. 

I’m having continued, steady success with Atkins.  I’ve been sick which means less exercise and an increased desire for comfort food!  I’ve been getting by with chicken soup which works with my cold and Atkins.  (Got the rotisserie chicken from Costco, enjoyed the chicken, boiled the carcass in water, and just added bouillon cubes, celery, and seasoning)      

Maybe you feel like you’re at a standstill right now.  Take out a pair of pants you would like to fit into next.  Try them on.  How tight are they?  Make a doable plan to get into them by a certain date and get there by adding in exercise and eating sensibly.  Don’t give up until you can zip those pants up and come back here and tell us about it when you do! 

Oh – and don’t forget to give away the clothes that don’t fit you anymore (the bigger ones).  If you don’t, it’s too tempting to eat more and find yourself right back into that bigger size.  Don’t give yourself a safety net.  Give the clothes to charity!


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