Less TV = More Weight Loss?

When my husband and I first married over 11 years ago, he posed a challenge to me:  Could I survive without a television?  He asked if we could try it for 3 months.  I reluctantly said yes.  What can I say…I was madly in love.   

Well, 11 years and 3 children later, we still don’t have a television.  We really love having a TV free home because we don’t spend hours vegging on the couch.  Our home is very peaceful and happy, and I truly believe the absence of a noisy television is an important part of the equation. 

Not having a television has also helped me lose weight.  There’s no staring at the tube and snacking into the night.  In this month’s issue of Fitness magazine, it says,

“You are a product of your environment.  People who lose weight and keep it off also have fewer TVs in their homes and own more pieces of exercise equipment than unsuccessful dieters, a new study reveals.”

My husband and I had to smile because as you can see, we don’t have a TV but we do have a spin bike smack dab in the middle of the family room.

Spend less time and money on televisions, and more time and money on exercise equipment.  It doesn’t have to be big. Fitness magazine says that a resistance band, dumbbells, and a stability ball can suffice.  You just have to make fitness a part of your environment.


2 Responses

  1. Oh yes. Being a tv free house has saved us from dealling with alot of problems. Not just snacking but other things too. People ask me how we survive and there is no way to explain to them how much better life is and can be w/o tv.

    Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we watch a fun dvd on the computer, but generally speaking, being a tv free home is amazing!

  2. I couldn’t agree more!

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