Weighing In Ladies!

I’ve been hovering around 140 lbs for awhile…with doing the P90X home workout DVDs for almost a week now, I’m down to 139 and celebrating being out of the 140s, albeit by a few ounces 🙂

My husband gave me a “new dispensation” this week (that’s our term for a challenge and reward).  I snack on chocolate (almost) daily – these little sugar free goodies I found at Walmart a few weeks ago.  My husband told me that for every day I don’t eat any chocolate (including chocolate protein bars), I earn a 5 minutes massage.  I can accumalate them, so I am going for 35 minutes this week.  So far, so good.   

It also helps that Easter is coming, and I can give up chocolate and think of Jesus and all He did for us.  Chocolate is nothing in comparison!


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