Invasion of the Chocolate Bunnies!


These are the bunnies in our home!  I bought the kids a bunny since I knew how much they wanted a chocolate bunny.  But then grandma and grandpa did the same thing, and then my cousin did too.  You know how it goes!  So what shall we do with all this leftover (tempting) chocolate in our homes?

Unfortunately my 3 year old remembers every piece of chocolate she receives and carefully keeps inventory in her mind.  “Mom, where is my chocolate in the pink box?”  “Mom, where are my candies from the Easter egg hunt?”

Here’s how we deal with the chocolate invasion.  We put the precious bunnies away, saving them for special occasions and treats.  Then as time passes, we will throw away a few things (but not the Godiva, what can I say!). 

I must confess I took the week off to enjoy chocolate and a visit from family from the East Coast.  Tomorrow it’s back to Atkins.  The good news is that I kept doing P90X workouts all week except for one day when we went to Disneyland.  So I’m about a pound up from all my cheats. 

Let’s work together to get these chocolate bunnies off our hips!


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