Sore, Sore, Sore

Are you sore?  If so, that’s good!  Soreness let’s us know we are working out and pushing our bodies to the next level.  It also let’s us know…turn on the hot water and bring on the bath! 

My back is what is most sore right now.  The first workout of P90X is back and chest and wow, it packs a punch!  (P90X is a set of home workout DVDs).  Thank God for my husband doing P90X with me or I would’ve been seriously tempted to bail about right now.  We’re starting our 4th week of doing it. 

And yes, I’m still about the same weight.  The frustration!  I think my problem is my P in “P90X” which is peanut butter.  My favorite go-to food is a bit on the caloric side.  So this week, I’m going to put my peanut butter spoon down.  Pray for me!


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