Who Hid the Peanut Butter?


Some of my favorite foods are dark chocolate and peanut butter.  My husband hid the chocolate about 2 weeks ago which was a good move.  At least I still had my spoonfuls of peanut butter to keep me going.  But I admit I probably would be able to zip up my goal jeans if peanut butter didn’t exist. 

So when I went to reach for my beloved peanut butter in the pantry, guess what happened?  The nice full jar of peanut butter was gone, and this measly jar of “hardly anything left” peanut butter was in its place.  With this love note:  “Eat more vegies” (yes, I know it should say “veggies”).

The culprit was my husband of course!  I laughed so hard when I opened up that jar of peanut butter.  He got me!  I am looking forward to incorporating peanut butter back into my life after I can wear my skinny jeans!


2 Responses

  1. Smart husband. I, too am nutty for pb. When my 6 weeks postpartum are up, I’ll have my husband steal your husband’s idea to help keep me in line.

  2. That’s very funny – I’m glad to have a peanut butter kindred spirit out there!

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