Got to My Goal Weight But…

I am happy, thankful, elated, relieved, pumped up to say:  I made it to my goal weight!!!  For the first time, the scale is saying that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Phew – this is the payoff.  When you make sacrifices to eat better and exercise more, the scale will eventually move in your favor. 

So – it’s time to party…almost.

Unfortunately, I am at my goal weight, but I still have pants that are too snug in the waist to wear (who doesn’t?).  All my pants are the same size now, but as you know, some pants are cut smaller than others.  I have about 5 pairs that don’t quite fit right but I’m close.  So the fight’s not over.  Gotta keep working to get that belly flab off.

The strategy?

Insanity.  Have you ever seen a promo for the Insanity program of workouts?  Well, my husband and I are shifting from P90X for a little bit (we completed about 40 days of it) to go insane with Insanity.  It’s more of a cardio workout and it’s really hard.  Thankfully it’s shorter than P90X which offers some relief (45 minutes vs 1 hour of P90X). 

I hope to post soon that everything in my closet fits.  My husband is treating me to an appointment with a consultant to help me with my wardrobe/style etc.  If I don’t get into my skinny jeans by May 15th though, I have to cancel the appointment.  He knows he’s got me because I would be way too embarrassed to cancel.  Smart man.  I’m motivated!


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