Help Organize My Closet!


Do you do this?

You walk into a store and find a really cute top on clearance.  You take it home but can’t figure out what to wear it with.  It hangs in your closet for months.  Now it’s too late to bring it back (where is that receipt anyway?).

I’m really good at knowing what I think is cute, but really bad in putting complete stunning outfits together.  You know, the kind of looks when everything is working (top, accessories, jacket, pants, shoes, purse).  After all, my purse is my diaper bag and I am too frugal to buy a trendy purse until I’m out of the diaper bag phase. 

Well I have met a wonderful style consultant named Jill Swanson.  She is coming on Thursday for a closet consultation!  She will put together outfits, tell me what not to wear, pick out what needs to go to Good Will – I am excited!

I’ll let you know how it goes on Thursday along with the tips she gives me.

I can fit in most of the clothes in my closet but a few things are still too tight (ug!).  So I didn’t meet my goal of fitting into everything before Jill comes (my hubby made me a deal – fit in everything by the time the consultant is in town and you can meet with her).  Luckily, James is going to be gracious and I’m keeping the appointment. 

I’m still doing P90X and lovin that – a few more weeks and I should be into all my clothes!!!


2 Responses

  1. Love your closet. Very neat. Mine is always a mess LOL!

  2. thank you – that is encouraging!

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