Image Consultant Jill Swanson Tells Me What Not to Wear!

I’m still reeling (in a good way) from my closet consultation with the fabulous Jill Swanson.  Here are some of the tops that didn’t make the cut.  The purple short sleeve is a sweater and I never wear it.  When it’s warm, who wants to wear a cashmere sweater?  The black sweater in the middle is too big now.  The patterned shirt bunches up funny on my body although the pattern is very cute to me. 

Jill spent 2 hours in my closet.  She was a force of nature; first choosing all my shirts, sorting them in a keep pile and throwing the rest on the floor saying “Let this go.” About 40% of the shirts ended up on the cutting floor.

Her mantras to me:  “Buy outfits.  Go for complete looks.  Don’t just buy something on a clearance rack that you like.  Buy clothes that skim your figure.  Avoid clothes that are too boxy.”

I don’t know how to accessorize – I don’t think I’ve worn a belt in 10 years.  Here’s how I usually wear this outfit: 

Here’s how the look changed with just a belt:

I have long arms so she said that 3/4 sleeves are not that great.  Instead, I should pull the sleeves up a bit and then my arms will look more attractive:

Next she bought me a zebra top that I love and only $10.50! 


Again she used a belt to accentuate my waist which she says is a strength.  Jill says to find your strength (shoulders, waist, legs, hips, bust, smile, etc.) and find clothes that flatter that strength.

I’m excited about these new looks and will be trying them out soon!


2 Responses

  1. This is a website that my wife really likes. You enter in your measurements and preferences and it picks out clothes that best match your body type.

    A really neat cool concept.

  2. that is very cool – thank you Don!

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