Shin Splints, Insanity, Colds, and Other Hazards

Well, my exercise routine has taken a detour.

I switched out a day of P90X cardio to do the Insanity workout.  I think the Insanity workout is GREAT.  It’s extremely challenging for cardio and will work you like nobody’s business for 45 minutes or so.  But it’s pretty hard on your shins, lots of running and impact.  I was doing it inside on my hard floor and my husband said, “You should really do that outside on the grass.”

Of course I said, “I’m fine.”

Well, he was right.  Now I have shin splints and my legs hurt!  So much for the leg workouts.  Plus I’ve had a cold so the whole exercise thing has been put on hold a few days.

Does this sound familiar?  When sickness, Insanity, shin splints, and other hazards get in your way, try to make it up with diet.  Eat healthy.  Workout your arms when you’re legs hurt.  When you feel sick, just stretch (like in bed with your eyes closed!).

Finally, here are 2 things I’ve learned about rehabilitating shin splints:

  • Stretch by placing your heels on the floor and lifting your toes skyward.  Pump up and down several times, holding at the top for 5 seconds several times.  When you feel the front of your legs burning, pump 10 more times.
  • Wear orthotics in your shoes.  I bought some Walk Fit ones and when I wear them, my shins don’t bother me at all.

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