Vote for Baby Lucy!

Many people have taken a look at Lucy’s great mane of hair and said, “You have got to enter her in a contest!”

I’ve looked at some contests online but they usually require an entry fee which I am not into.  But I finally found a baby photo contest that’s free – it’s the Cute Kid Photo Contest with my local paper, the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Sweet Lucy is one photo out of about 600, but with her cuteness, I think she has a chance!  Check it out here to vote.  Type “Lucy” or “Lucy Pellicane” in the search field.  Log in and vote.  The 10 kids with the most votes will advance to the judging round.

Baby Lucy and the whole family say THANKS so much!


2 Responses

  1. I looked through the many kids but could not find baby Lucy. If you tell me what page she is on I will vote to her. Thanks

  2. Don – We’ve been on vacation – sorry I didn’t reply earlier. Under the search field, you can type in “Lucy” or “Lucy Pellicane” and she will come up. The voting closes July 11th so don’t worry about voting if it’s too late – thanks so much for thinking of her.

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