Back from Our Virginia Vacation

Hello friends!   We have returned from a week of vacation in beautiful, HOT Smithfield Virginia where my in-laws live.  My husband is the baby of 4 kids, so it’s quite a reunion when we all get together.

Here in San Diego, I’m wearing long sleeves and pants (it’s cool) but there…phew, we melted into a puddle!  It was the first time I ever saw baby Lucy sweat.  She had the rosiest cheeks and beads of sweat all over her face.  But being the trooper she is, she smiled through the whole thing.

We spent a lot of time in the swimming pool.  Lucy enjoyed her first swim and was styling – so cute!

I ate not-so-good…ice cream was a treat of choice in the heat.  My sis-in-laws homemade fudge-like brownies were incredible and my mom-in-laws blueberry cobbler – delicious!  Yes, I know this is a losing weight after baby blog, but these are some of the pleasures in life to indulge in (once in a while).

The good news is that I didn’t gain one pound.  I fully attribute it to the heat.  All the sweating paid off perhaps!


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