Pamper Yourself!

Lucy loves having a bath!  Her eyes sparkle, she giggles, I sing to her, it’s bathtime bliss!  Which made me think, maybe you could use a bath to pamper yourself today.  It’s an inexpensive escape.

Here in San Diego, it’s actually cool enough that a hot bath at night would be relaxing.  But I’ve been on the East Coast this summer and a hot bath would be like torturing yourself.  So maybe a nice, cool bath would be a much better solution.

Take time to pamper yourself in a non-food way.  Maybe a manicure or pedicure.  Or better yet, look for a local massage school and book an appointment for an inexpensive but wonderful back rub.

Oh and even better yet, use a pampering time as a reward for either meeting a short term exercise or eating goal.

Now that’s something to smile about!


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