Walking to School!

My son has completed week two of first grade – wahoo!  My husband has been biking in with him to school and back.  It’s been great and Ethan is so enthusiastic about riding his bike.  I’m so happy that he’s getting exercise in every day in a fun and productive way!

Today my husband had some appointments and couldn’t pick Ethan up, so the girls and I walked to school to get him.  Lucy in the stroller and Noelle running a few steps ahead of us the whole time, singing a made up song.  She is very funny.  It’s a 15 minute walk and to my surprise, Noelle did not complain one bit.  And then the other surprise – no complaining on the way home either.  No “mommy hold me!”  Instead she raced home with her brother and Lucy and I were always trailing them.

It felt great to get out and walk with the kids.  I look forward to the time we have to do it again and thankfully in San Diego, it’s still pretty cool for the summertime.  If you have kids that are school age and you live near enough to school, think about walking together.  It’s a great way to lose weight and have fun with the family!


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