Healthy Lunch

My son started 1st grade last week.  He attends a year round school.  I visited him at lunchtime for a few minutes.  Another mother who is a good friend was there also to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.  She said, “It’s kind of surprising to see what these kids are eating for lunch.”

I asked, “Surprising in a good or bad way?  And people who buy or bring?”

She said it was a little of each.  Many kids who were buying lunch chose fruit and veggies which seemed surprising for 1st graders who were away from their parent’s guidance.  On the flip side, many kids had a lot of junk food in their brought lunches.

Imagine my happiness when she said, “Your son has one of the healthiest lunches.”

He had a turkey sandwich, grapes, apples, pretzels, applesauce, and water.  I must tell you though that the apples and grapes came back home, so it wasn’t as nutritional as planned – ha ha.

I do my best to give my kids healthy food but they are normal kids.  They love cheeseburgers, pizza, crackers, and ice cream.  (And I do too!)  But I think the strategy of giving your kids healthy food at home, and allowing them to eat treats at parties, when out to dinner with friends etc. – that’s a workable strategy.  We don’t have soda or juice at our house and I believe that’s a small thing that makes a big difference in a kid’s nutritional life.

And when we take baby steps to giving our kids nutritious meals, we take baby steps to feeding ourselves better food too.


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