Fun at VBS!

Just wrapped up a week of teaching the kindergarten class at VBS day camp.  The theme was “Sonquest Rainforest.”  We were the MIGHTY MONKEYS!  I had 23 kids in my class including my daughter Noelle.  We had a blast!

Here she is with her “surprising bread.”  You take milk and add a few drops of food coloring.  Then paint the bread with the colored milk.  Then toast and voila!  Surprising colored bread!  Too bad it was white bread but as you can imagine, the kids loved it.  I think Noelle had 3 pieces.  She’s not on the losing weight after baby program!

My 1st grader was unable to go to camp that day, so I tried to recreate the colored bread for him by allowing him to put drops of food coloring on bread then toasting.  I was trying to skip the whole mixing it with milk and painting on, etc.  Well, the food coloring was so strong on the bread that it colored his lips and tongue a dark indigo color.  Oops…this is why I write books and not lead crafts!


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