This Is Not Your Kid’s Lunch

I picked up an issue of Parents magazine and had to laugh about one article.  It was “11 Easy, Healthy Brown-Bag Ideas” – nutritious lunches from the top chefs that taste great too.  Always in need of a good, easy idea, I turned to p. 224.

Here’s what I found…

  • Whole Grain Hummus Sandwich with Veggies (cucumber, sprouts, arugula)
  • Tropical Turkey Spring Rolls (cabbage leaves filled with turkey, mango, avocado, and pea sprouts)
  • Crunchy Baked Mozzarella Sticks
  • Grilled Chicken Salad with Herb-Sherry Vinaigrette

Where to begin?  First, any adult would be privileged to have such a fine lunch but I think it might go unappreciated on a 5-year-old.  Next, what mom is rolling veggies in a cabbage leaf in the morning?  What has time to dip cheese in panko breadcrumbs and bake before breakfast? 

I had to chuckle at this brown-bag list of recipes.  For my son, it’s back to a cheese sandwich, apple, banana chips, pretzels and water!


5 Responses

  1. I saw that too. I was excited at first until I realized that my kid wouldn’t eat any of that stuff.

  2. Ok, so it’s not just me that thought that article was kind of ridiculous! I know that these lunches would not fly at my house either, nor do I have time to make them! Thanks for making me feel better about laughing at that article!

  3. Thanks Rachel – they should have consulted us first!

  4. A little too sophisticated for the tiny palate!

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