Biking With Ethan

My first grader has a real deal bike now with gears and everything!  His dad is teaching him to ride and they have been biking to school everyday now for about 3 weeks.  We’re in year round school.  I’ve biked with him once and I must say biking or walking your kid to school is a great way to have fun, bond with your child, and stay active all at the same time.

My husband is pretty much reaping the physical benefits of biking to school with Ethan, but I try to jump on my spin bike and ride sometimes while they go to school in the morning.  It makes me feel better when my husband comes home after riding that I’m sweaty too from my “home ride” on the spin bike.

Plus, isn’t it true when you actually use your exercise equipment you feel so much better about life?  We have a monstrous total gym in our bathroom and last week, it honestly just served as a giant towel rack.  I used it for about 5 minutes this morning before breakfast and that made me feel great!


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