My Baby is Six!

It’s hard to believe that my original reason for “losing weight after baby,” my Ethan, is six years old now!  A full-fledged first grader, it’s amazing to see him learn and grow.  From riding his bike to school to Spanish vocabulary words, he’s a super champ of a kid.  I love being a mother more than I ever thought I would.

For Ethan’s party, we had all his favorites:  Doritos, salad with balsamic vinaigrette, cheese pizza, and ice cream cake.  Yup, they are my favorites too!  We played games like bean bag toss and basketball free throws.  The culinary highlights were my husband’s ice cream cake which rocked as usual, and my dad’s carved watermelon that showcased a Hot Wheels car.

Celebrations are fun and once again I’m reminded…I’m so thankful for my baby weight because otherwise, I wouldn’t have my awesome kids!  (Of course, I was also thankful when the weight came off too!)


2 Responses

  1. Happy birthday to your little guy! I didn’t realize he and my son are so close in age. Nolan will turn 6 on Sept. 19, but he is just starting kindergarten this year b/c the cut off is Sept. 1 here in Minnesota. Darling pictures – what a gorgeous family!

  2. Rachel – that is very fun! Thanks for saying Happy Birthday – I’m sure he and Nolan would have fun playing.

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