Eye Appointments for Your 12-18 Month Old

Our optometrist offers a free eye examination for babies 12-18 months old and yours might too!  I took baby Lucy this morning for her pain free eye exam.  Of course, one look at the doctor (a stranger!) and she started wailing.

I explained that it wouldn’t hurt a bit and this was the friendly eye doctor.  The doctor did a splendid job of looking into her eyes even if she wasn’t very cooperative.

The doctor looks for congenital eye conditions and other problems.  He checks if the baby’s eyes are moving correctly.  Lucy checked out just fine which is wonderful.  The early eye exam is so important because if there is a problem, it can make a big difference to correct the problem early on.

So if you have a baby, put it on your checklist to see the eye doctor, optimally between 12-18 months.


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